Salted Cashew

Salted cashew nuts is one of the most popular and delicious snacks in india. We provide best quality salted cashew nuts with crunchy in.

Masala Cashew

we Indians are committed to our masalas, we wouldn’t mind treating ourselves royally once in a while. This recipe of the Spicy Masala Kaju serves exactly that purpose. A bowl full of cashew nuts, a generous serving of ghee and just enough masala to satisfy that Indian soul of yours, this dish will take you back to those dining halls where kings feasted…..

Pudina Cashew

Pudina Cashew Nuts has a very good taste.It is easy to digest.We bring an original and exciting new flavor to cashew nuts – pudina cashews. We take fresh ground pudina and sprinkle them over cashew nuts to add the unique flavor, taste and goodness of pudina to cashews. They are great for snacking.

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